Supermicro Server by Throughwave Thailand

RentSpree Thailand – Product Designer (UX/UI Designer) – ฿46K-฿94K

We’re looking for the creatives who love exploring software design trends, interest in product thinking and UX/UI design, and proactively seek feedback from other team members and end-users. On the RentSpree team, you will learn to implement the entire product design process, and you will work closely with full-stack software engineers in an agile development environment.


  • 2-3 years of experience in web application UX/UI
  • Associate & Senior levels
  • Understand Design System and Design Process
  • Experience in design team leading and management
  • Constantly working with software engineer team


  • Take ownership of the design projects
  • Find user’s pain points in rental experience and solutions to solve the problems
  • Design user flows, product prototype and artworks from business requirements
  • Generate new idea and features to differentiate our product from the market
  • Collect and analyze user behavior to top up the UX knowledge base for further product improvement
  • Work with software engineers to accelerate the development process using Lean concept
  • Lead and plan the product roadmap and direction
  • Mentor and train product design team members

Benefits & Perks:

  • Employee stock options
  • Flexible working hours (normally 11:30 – 20:30)
  • Training budget biannually: ฿5,000
  • Free lunch day / Free snack / Free coffee & drink
  • Free research time 10% of total working time
  • Health insurance
  • Office massage
  • Boardgames / Karaoke / Comics

More Detail:


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