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Omise รับสมัคร Data Scientist – Bangkok, Thailand

Omise is looking for a Data Scientist to carry out our core mission in connecting payment dots and leveraging financial technology to the benefit of everyone. The right person for this role is passionate about data science, machine learning, and loves pushing beyond the limits where technologies can take us. Applicants looking for a career that intersects businesses and disruptive technologies such as block chain and artificial intelligence are encouraged to apply.

This role is open to all nationalities from all walks of life.  You will have a chance to contribute your unique perspective and expertise to our already diverse environment.

At Omise, we invest in all our people and believe every employee is pivotal to achieving Omise’s mission & vision. We promote a strong culture with teamwork being one of our core values. We believe that skills are not the only thing to consider when selecting a suitable candidate. Instead, we value people with independent thinking, good character, the right attitude towards learning, and those who can adapt in fast-moving environments.

We give freedom to our employees for learning and applying new concepts at work. There are no strict rules on how to do something, but only what needs to be achieved. This flexibility allows our team to work together in a stress-free environment and at the same time innovate while creating new technologies and ideas.


  • Apply your expertise in machine learning, data mining, and the presentation of data to see beyond the numbers and able to contextualize and translate findings/ solutions to other parties.
  • Understand how our users interact with the core/business products.
  • Liaise with Product and Engineering teams to identify trends and opportunities and bring creative solutions to problems.
  • Inform, influence, support, and execute our product decisions and product launches.


The best candidate for this position will have extensive experience working across these areas:

  • Analysis of high volume transactional data.
  • Product leadership. The successful candidate will work together with data science team to create data         products by researching and applying machine learning framework.



  • Masters/PhD in Science, Engineering, Statistics, or Computer Science. In lieu of a graduate degree, candidates with research, work or development experience is encouraged to apply. Studies done online is also welcomed.
  • Experience working in analytical role with good communication skills.
  • Experience with relational database such as postgresql, SQL or relevant schemes.
  • Fluency with python, R or other languages for machine learning and data analysis.
  • Development experience with deploying machine learning to solve real world problems.
  • Deep interests in artificial intelligence technology. Some experience with Deep learning, tensorflow, keras for image processing, natural language processing or speech recognition is a big plus.
  • Data visualization.
  • Independent thinker.
  • Ability to communicate in a clear and effective manner.


สนใจสมัครได้ที่ โดยระบุตำแหน่งที่ต้องการและแนบ Resume มาในอีเมล์ได้ทันที


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