Supermicro Server by Throughwave Thailand looking for visual designer

What you’ll do
As Visual designer on the team, you’ll be responsible for the visual design/ user interface (UI) of’s retail experience. This includes shaping the style guides, working with product designers to create a cohesive brand across applications to design the future of how users interact with our business. You will also work with the design of banners, content layouts, and everything that will improve the looks and understanability of our product.

You will work directly with the Design Lead and developers to translate users’ needs into a cohesive and beautiful system
You will bring out the best of the graphics and UI to provide marketing team with the resources it needs to show the world who we are
You will design cycles, methodologies and explorations across implementation, ideation, and innovaiton time horizons


Visual design experience including planning design strategies

Experience working with E-commerce or have deep understanding of how E-commerce works

Have worked with cross-functional teams on responsive designs, native app design systems and/or multi-touchpoint experiences



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