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Clarity IT รับสมัคร IT Support Engineer เงินเดือน 30-45k

Clarity IT is a successful IT Service and Solutions company, Bangkok based, and experiencing year-on-year growth. Based on over a decade of direct experience working with organizations of all sizes we provide IT services and solutions to businesses to improve their business effectiveness. Our qualified and experienced staff are familiar with IT requirements for International and local businesses. Our services include IT Outsourcing, IT Maintenance, IT Staffing, Sales, Networking, Projects, Web and e-commerce, Programming etc. (more details at

We are looking for people who have a passion for technology, want to succeed, can be part of a team and enjoy a challenge. We want you to work creatively, join in our excitement and grow with us. Our satisfaction comes from doing work that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations and seeing happy users and hearing positive feedback.

” Position Available: IT SUPPORT ENGINEER ”


  • Thai nationality.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Good English communication skill is a must.
  • Experience in end user support more than 3 years.
  • Able to identify and solve IT problem such as: Hardware, Software, Operating System, Network Connection, LAN, WAN, Printer.
  • Good knowledge in Windows OS, Office Applications, E-Mail, Mobile phone device.

Interested candidates please submit English resume indicated your expected salary to email:


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