Supermicro Server by Throughwave Thailand

Eko – Product Designer

Product Designer
Bangkok, Thailand

Looking for an experienced product designer to create a responsive web design.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • End-to-end design
  • Work with product quality and opportunity to our customers
  • Be actively involved in defining the concept
  • Design and prototype multiple ideas quickly, to validate product directions
  • Participate in design critique and partner ideas and partners
  • 4+ years relevant design experience at a product-driven company
  • Experience designing digital apps and systems for IOS, Android & Web
  • Clearly communicate design work with solid rationale that uses research and data
  • A driven self starter who is excited about collaborating and building relationships with other teams in the company, like Engineering, UXR, Product Management, Marketing
  • Possess a strong understanding of the product development process, from problem definition through to detailed UI and visual design
  • Creative problem-solver who can iterate with low-fidelity sketches of workflows and translate those into beautiful high-fidelity designs using Sketch, Figma, and others
  • Able to understand and follow a design system, and challenge and contribute to it when necessary
  • Strong ability for building tools

Please submit your resume to


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