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Gosoft (Thailand) – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer

Job Description:

– Responsible for understanding the current process design document and perform the implementation.

– Makes sure that the people working on the RPA project are in sync.

– Monitors the changes that happen after implementing the feedback during development or testing phase while keeping the project specifications intact.

– Work well in team environment (especially regarding to Agile approach).

– Identify new process opportunities and accurately analyzing and estimating new processes, quickly assessing feasibility.

– Communicate technical infrastructure requirements and restriction within team and find solution.

– Design RPA process solutions.

– Complete RPA process configuration and objects using workflow principles.

– Complete unit-test code for usability, reliability and overall performance.

– Create and maintain solutions design documentation.

Job Specification:

– Bachelor Degree or above in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or related field.

– At least 1 years’ experience in RPA, software development, programming or coding (If new graduated, must be a knowledge in related field).

– Knowledge in RPA software (e.g. Kryon, UiPath, etc.) is a plus.

– Can work under pressure, strong communication & negotiation skill, self-learning, self-motivate.

Apply: Send resume to


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