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Quest Media – Full stack developer-50k+


Hi all developers ! 🙏

Quest Media, a computer vision digital transformation SaaS platform, is looking for 2 or 3 full-stack developers, self-made or, with a some studies/degree.
We’d like you to join us here in KOH PHANGAN, and work in paradise to complete the third version (V3) of our platform.

COMPETITIVE SALARY, housing and advantages DEPENDING ON EXPERIENCE (up to 80k)

Come help finalize the launch of Quest Media web platform V3 for COVID-19 emergency project.
(See our website:

Us (Quest Media):
Our platform enables enterprises to display digital experiences for hospitals, retail, cities, venues, offices and more.
Our cutting-edge digital transformation platform is well advanced in the making and been used for 4 years with Fortune 500 clients.

Project task list:

  • Implement V2 of facial recognition and computer vision technologies for everyone to use.
  • Create a marketplace for web-based digital experiences and products
  • Create TV touchscreen functions and implement in platform and much more

We are looking for people who will work in synergy and create the amazing.
Can you do it? :
– love writing code, diligent, like to learn and develop yourself
– experience system development with Javascript, php, jquery, AWS
– programming with Nodejs
– experience designing database with mysql, postgreSQL, nosql
– UNDERSTANDING AWS : Redshift, EC2, S3, and RestAPI, etc
– experience building rest api and with creation of new APIs
– understand how to manage git version and understand git flow very well
– can design and review code
– fun to work with, likes good music

Write us a message about you, how you can help us!
You could take part in a very important project at an early stage that will grow!

Please submit your resume to


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