Mergitech Consulting รับสมัคร CRM Software Implementer – Junior

Mergitech Consulting รับสมัคร CRM Software Implementer – Junior โดยมีรายละเอียดดังนี้


Job Descriptions:

  • Analyzes and designs application systems encompassing the development, modification and translation of user requirements.
  • Handles small to medium sized, simple to moderately complex accounts that may require integration with work of other systems analysts.
  • Has significant and detailed knowledge of the systems supported and works without day-to-day supervision on projects.
  • Conducts analysis on feasibility studies, user requirement and existing system work flows and procedures.
  • Assists users by providing training and clarification.
  • Documents the detailed systems design specifications and/or modification requirements for inclusion in the systems manuals including logic flow charts, systems linkages, data movements and processing controls for program writing.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Management Information System or related filed.
  • Knowledge of technologies and the System Development Life Cycle.
  • Strong experience in user requirements gathering, analysis and design by creating software specification documents.
  • Good knowledge in Tester skills
  • Good Knowledge of CRM System would be advantages
  • Good knowledge in CRM Software would be advantages
  • Good Knowledge of Sales and Service Operation would be advantages
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Experience in the development and implementation of standards, procedures and guidelines to support organization processes.
  • Self-motivated with the ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, and manage changing priorities.
  • Good communication and relationship, good team working.

How to Apply this job: Email your resume to “”


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