Supermicro Server by Throughwave Thailand

REFINITIV is looking for Senior Software Engineer AppServer (C#, Node.JS, AWS)

Our key mission is to contribute to Eikon AppServer development and migrate it to the cloud.

AppServer is a suite of self-service tools and infrastructure allowing Eikon development teams to develop HTML apps and Web Services. It allows rapid deployment, rapid release targeting, and support several languages C#, NodeJS, Java, shared Databases. It provides monitoring tools, automated staged releases workflows, approvals checking, and audit for Dev Ops.

The core part is built in cross platform C# and is handling millions of requests, it manages requests, load balancing, and various pools of Apps and Web Services. An AppServer instance is currently deployed on the 4 TR datacenters. Your team own the monitoring, statistics and deployment UI.

In additions of the continuous improvements. Your team will be in charge of moving existing apps and services infrastructure to AWS, based on the current Kubernetes implementation.


  • Estimates, Design, Develop and Deliver in agile way features, and infrastructures changes
  • Maintain existing systems, monitor proactively and suggest changes necessaries to ensure good customer services.
  • Ensure good practices such as automated unit tests, integrations tests
  • Accountable for quality of deliveries
  • Collaborate with other Eikon development teams to deliver Eikon workflows that sometimes span across the full framework team.



  • Some experience in C# Web Services development, .Net Http stack, WCF.
  • Scalability and performance oriented
  • Nice to have: AWS, Kubernetes, Docker.
  • Nice to have: some experience in front end HTML UI using Angular
  • International experiences appreciated, used to work remotely with other teams

Candidate will be competent in the following areas:

  • Good C# skills, asynchronous Tasks, multi thread,
  • Good knowledge of Web Services development, NodeJS, C# Web Services, SQL database.
  • Knowledge of web development, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular
  • Good focus on systems performances
  • Automation, Unit Tests, Integration tests, agile practices.

Applicants must be legally able to work in Thailand without the company having to provide a work permit.

Please send your resume to:


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