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บริษัทไวซ ซอฟท์ มีความประสงค์รับพนักงานในตำแหน่ง System Quality Assurance

Position: SQA Process


• Involve ISO29110 implementation of the organization.
• Coordination of quality control activities, process documentation.
• Analysis of organizational metrics for project management tool.
• Perform as the Configuration controller and successfully carry out configuration management for all projects.
• Conduct Software Quality assurance activities according to organization required.
• Conduct QA review process on software deliverables.


• Female (Age 26-30).
• Bachelor’s or master’s Degree in IT, Computer Science, Engineering or other related fields. MBA/MIS is a plus.
• Strong knowledge in software development life cycle.
• Have exposures in software development, such as CMM/CMMI or ISO Standards.
• Should have worked in software industry preferably CMM/CMMI or ISO assessed organization.
• Have experience in the fields of Software Quality Assurance and Software Development Process control.
• Excellent analytical and interpersonal skills.
• Good Attitude.

Position: Software Tester


– Provide Test Case , Test Plan

– System test according to Requirement

– Deliver Defect Log to Programmer

– Prepare Test Summary Report


– Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or equivalent

– Male or Female not over 28 years

–  Be able to understand Software Testing, analyzing, and Solving Problem

– Fast learner and willing to involve with colleague as a team and able to handle multiple tasks in accurate time.

ถ้าหากผู้ใดสนใจตำแหน่งงานที่ระบุไว้ข้างต้น กรุณาส่ง Resume มาที่         

คุณ สุชาดา HR Manager หรือโทร. 02-012-4290 ต่อ 110



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