Supermicro Server by Throughwave Thailand – Support Engineer

Our client is a Melbourne & Kuala Lumpur based, globally focused, software and system solutions business for the 1-1, print and photo industry. We build the solution set and information architecture that underpins the creation and manufacture of millions of products a year.

We are currently seeking a full time Support Engineer to join our team and help manage our existing clientbase and facilitate communication with the development team

The successful applicant will:

– Have at least two years’ experience in a support role

– Have a strong understanding of both Windows and Unix operating systems

– Have a good understanding of computer hardware and architecture

– Have exceptional communication skills (both written and verbal) in English and Thai

– Have the ability to respond to, action and potentially escalate infrequent emergency items 24/7 to fairly tight service guidelines

– Have the ability to develop responsive HTML/CSS from designs for websites and emails

Bonus points for the applicant with:

– Additional language knowledge (especially Bahasa Malay and Mandarin)

– Experience working in Salesforce APEX and/or Visualforce

– Experience coding PHP

– Understanding and experience with the Amazon AWS platform – specifically EC2 and S3

General tasks will include:

– Handle and route support tickets from sources in multiple countries and languages

– Resolve support tickets where able (we have a full support library to assist as well as being available to show you how to solve things)

– Create, edit and run reports

– Create, edit and run triggered workflow rules

– Diagnose problems and either provide solutions to end customers or explain problem to Australian and Malaysian based development teams

– Field feature requests from skilled and unskilled users and either build those features (if Salesforce can handle it out of the box) or describe the problem clearly to developers so that they can build in code

– Assist other Pictureworks operations by building email templates and editing websites (not a requirement but a big plus)

– Data import and export

– Translate technical documentation into other languages (where possible)

– Translate language files for systems (where possible)

– Produce sample files for testing

– Data analysis

The successful applicant should look forward to:

– A very competitive compensation package, tailored to your experience (above market rate)

– A flat management structure

– Working with a small team of capable, excited developers, serving hundreds of thousands of customers

We hope to hear from you soon!

Please Note:

1. Our apologies, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Send your cover letter and resume to


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