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TechSpace – รับสมัคร Front End Developer

Through the translation of mockups into scalable and maintainable coding patterns across 4 primary brands and three international sites, we work closely with Design and Full-Stack Engineers to maintain the company’s visual web standards within our codebase.

We’re looking for a talented Web Developer who knows how to balance a passion for logic and problem solving with a keen eye for design to join this growing team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Writing clean, elegant, accessible, and performant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code in support of our 4 E-commerce sites.
  • Problem solving on the fly using various resources and debugging methods to diagnose and execute solutions independently.
  • Working seamlessly with Designers, Product Managers, and business stakeholders to translate designs/wireframes into frontend code.
  • Working closely with other Storefront technology teams including Frontend Platforms, Performance, and Full-Stack (PHP) to create next generation site features.
  • Understanding and employing engineering and optimization best practices with regard to frontend web standards, code maintainability, page rendering, and browser performance.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • 0-3+ years of CSS, HTML, and JS development experience
  • Sense of humor and excellent communication skills
  • Skilled with CSS and HTML, including the ability to code from scratch without a framework, and a focus on code reusability, performance, and faithfulness to design
  • Skilled with JavaScript, including familiarity with modern client-side frameworks such as Backbone.js, Angular, Ember, Polymer, or React.js

Please send us your resume and expected salary to

Tel.02-381-9073-5 (K.Suchaya- HR Manager)


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