Supermicro Server by Throughwave Thailand

บริษัท โปรเฟสชั่นแนล เซอร์วิส โพรไวเดอร์ จำกัด ตำแหน่งงาน Solution Architect Product เงินเดือน ตามตกลง

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Co-operate with Sale Representative/Business Consultant to find out customer’s requirements, customer’s pain point, cost of operation, and make clearly understand of customer’s business process.
  • Co-operate with Project Management team to develop the project plan and timeline to summit to customer for Professional service cost.
  • Co-operate with Implementation team to make sure that our developed solution able to implement successfully.
  • Design the solution bases on customer requirements, pain point, cost, effort, and business needed to achieve customer goal and our company business goal together.
  • Develop Presentation slide and presenting the solution, product feature, system architecture, HW/SW base required spec., implementation plan and benefits to customer.
  • Develop Solution Design Diagram, System Architecture Diagram, Hardware Sizing, Software Licenses/Component, and SOW.
  • Work as contact point person between customers and internal person to communicate about IT, Technical, and solution design.
  • Prepare and create demonstration/POC system and scenario to show on stage with customer’s decision maker such as board management, top management, C-level, and user level as well.
  • Arrange a meeting to present the solution proposal and SOW to project management team and implementation team to make them understand and clearly before kick-off project with customer.Qualifications:
    • Bachelor’s degree or above in computer or information technology related field
    • Minimum 3-year experiences in software proposing, system architecture and design.
    • Good presenter, gentle and trusty.
    • Able to quickly solve problem at hand and decide the most appropriate solution

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