Supermicro Server by Throughwave Thailand

EQHO Communications LTD. – IT Support – (16K-20K) – Welcome for fresh graduate

Job Overview :
Provide technical, network and software problem resolution to end-users (customers). Monitor and maintain the computer systems, networks and software of an organization. Verifying proper hardware and software set up and evaluate. Writing, updated and maintaining IT documentation.

Responsibilities :
– Install and configure computer hardware operating systems and applications. – Analyze and troubleshoot designated responsible Hardware and Software issues, including service / support delivery via IT request to meet Service Level Agreement.
– Supporting the company’s network system (LAN, WAN, VPN, Internet and International link)
– Monitor performance, Manage and Maintain/ troubleshoot IT system, Storage and Networks.
– IT Process Improvement, IT Inventory (Hardware and Software control)
– IT Purchase Managements. –
– Manage Backup system and configure VMWare, Cloud Computing solutions will be an advantage.
–  Network security policy and control, Antivirus system Service-Client Standards.
– Manage Network functions: Firewall Watch Guard Enterprise Firewall.
– Manage Mail Server base on Google Apps, API, SQL database server, tape backup, log server, VM service, Intranet.
– Be compliant with the EQHO and relevant ISO standards.

Descriptions :
– 0-1+ year working experiences.
– Fresh graduate is welcome.
– Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT or Related field.
– Thai nationality.
– Ability to communicate in English.
– Strong knowledge in AD, DNS, DHCP, Firewall and Network configuration
– Ability to manage and configuration Windows NT, Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 server and Windows Service System (Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, WSUS, etc.) and Microsoft Security Solutions.
– Ability to manage and configure NAS storage.
– Understanding of virtualization and containerization.
– Problem Solving Skills.

Please send your resume to :


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