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ITGate co.,ltd รับสมัครด่วน systems Engineer and IT support

Information system Staff (System Admin / System Engineer / IT support)

Job description IT Staff:

  • Able to Manage / Maintain / Support / Troubleshoot / Design of hardware Infrastructure (Server, Storage, Networking, NAS, UPS, CCTV, AirCon)
  • Able toManage / Maintain / Support / Troubleshoot / Design of Security administration, Make and keep Information Security Policy.
  • Able to Manage / Maintain / Support / Troubleshoot / Design of Backup IT envoronment System
  • Able to Manage / Maintain / Support / Troubleshoot / Design of Software (Microsoft server, Linux server, Services, Roles Features)
  • Control and manage project jobs assigned by management team
  • Monitoring operation system, performance and find problem and solution for fix it.
  • Operate for each activity. Follow the status, problem for all related person
  • Able to perform Documentation such as Diagram, Proposal, Kickoff project, Workplan, MicroDesign, FinalConfigSheet, Monthly report, Activity report, IssueTracking report


  1. Male Age 20-35 years.
  2. Experience 0 – 5 years in positions with relate field MIS / IT / Network / Security / Server / Stroage / Helpdesk / Developer
  3. High Vocational, Bachelor degree in Computer science or field related
  4. For IT support: Good communicates and support with user, vendor and customer.
  5. Good command of written and spoken English and computer skills.
  6. Able to drive a car and have car license.


  1. Uniform
  2. Group Insurance
  3. Social Security
  4. OT.
  5. Meal Allowance
  6. Salary & Performance Reviews
  7. Bonus & commision
  8. Working Monday – Friday ( 08.30 – 17.30 ), Some Saturday 1-2 days per month

Salary: Negotiable



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