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At Freelance | รับสมัคร IT Project Manager (Chatuchak) | อัตราเงินเดือน 70,000 บาท

Roles and Responsibilities:
● Leads and advocates PMI best practices of Integration, Scope, Time, Quality,
Communication, Risk and Procurement Management
● Manages integration, interdependencies, and alignment of projects and/or tracks of work within and across functions as required.
● Prepare business cases, project scope boundaries, prioritize stakeholders
requirement, plan, and present to management
● Manage changes in Project with change management best practice
● Manage project tasks, sub-task and ensure timeline of each task be completed
according to committed due date and ensure all tasks, sub-tasks be monitored and controlled
● Defines acceptance criteria, and ensure quality of the product by deploying
appropriate processes
● Ensures that the project has completed the relevant requirements and that
deliverables have been properly reviewed by stakeholders
● Align with stakeholders across the organization to achieve support interventions, sponsorship, and buy-in
● Identifies and socializes project success metrics to the internal team and to external stakeholders. Evaluates project progress and results against success metrics
● Identifies impacts of the project, builds awareness, and support for change from internal/external stakeholders
● Provide internal/external project status report with focus on key milestones, issues, progress and budget
● Proactively identifies risks, and keep updating a risk mitigation strategy and a
contingency plan before sharing to appropriate stakeholders in timely manner
● Responsible for supporting the negotiation of contracts and ensures risk
management is realized in preparation of any contracts
● Manage and collaborate vendor to align with project objective in terms of scheduling, cost scope, quality, and risk
● Integrate and develop suitable subcontractors/partners and negotiate requirements and solution strategy                                                                                ● Promotes and recognizes the contribution of team members, and creates a positive work environment
● Lead and manage Project Execution activities, where in customer, stakeholder and vendor management are the key areas
● Identify appropriate resources needed, ensure that all resources needed for
successful contract execution are sufficiently provided to the project, assign
individual responsibilities, tracks resource utilization, and resolves resource
● Facilitate and Establish Lesson Learn after post implementation
● Identify opportunities to enhance project’s processes and outcomes

● Age not over 40 years
● Bachelor Degree or Higher in Computer Engineering, Computer Science
● At least 5 years of experience in IT projects
● Thorough knowledge on project execution methodology
● Strong understanding of Software Development Life Cycle, Project Management or Agile project management
● Ability to translate business and customer requirements to project work
● Work well under pressure and are comfortable with change and complexity in
dynamic environments
● Excellence in Analytical thinking and Problem solving skill
● Excellence in communication both English and Thai
● Experience in CRM project management is preferred
● Experience in project management from Banking and/or Government Agency is a PLUS
● Experience as Business Analyst is a PLUS
● PMP certified is a PLUS



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