Supermicro Server by Throughwave Thailand

Exzy – Project Manager

Job Description

  • Responsible for the successful implementation and integration of innovation related to Exzy’s customers from project initiation to implementation in a timely fashion
  • Responsible for project planning; from shaping approach, planning resources & activities and identify & proactively mitigate project risks
  • Manage the project; driving for delivery excellence and adding value to clients
  • Lead & enable high performing team members to achieve excellence in their work and to catalyze their professional and personal growth meant and design review, solution architect design, cloud solution design and other necessary guidance
  • Build relationships with and ensure success for clients’ senior executives & all project budget.
  • Develop high quality work outputs including presentation slides, solution design documents, status report, minutes of a meeting, Work Acceptance and submit to a related party in a timely fashion
  • Lead client meeting & interviews and organize the project, e.g. workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Review Requirement Documents with the Sales team to ensure the project scope
  • Understand the product deeply, plan and cooperate with other teams to ensure that the right message is to be communicated to customers in the appropriate manner to plan the scope of work and successfully deliver work, according to proposal ex. SOW, TOR, etc.


  • Work experience between 5 years and above in related fields
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills combined with an interest in digital transformation
  • Strong supervisory, coaching and project management skills
  • Proven ability to lead & enable the team and manage relationships with people for all level ranging from senior management to working team members through collaboration and with high professionalism
  • Passion for learning new technology and topics at pace and with structure
  • Flexibility and ability to work and enjoy working under tight deadlines and handle the pressure
  • Fluent command of both Thai and English (including writing skills in both languages)
  • Proficient IT skills – Microsoft Office: PowerPoint, Excel, Word

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