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PRODIGY9 Co., Ltd. is looking for Software People

PRODIGY9 Co., Ltd. is looking for
>> Software People << to join our team:
– Technical Project Manager
– Automated Test Engineer
– Software Engineer
(Go, Ruby, Elixir, Flutter, React, PHP, Java, Svelte)
– Software Operations (DevOps)
– Product Owner
– Account Executive
We believe that great Software are built, first and foremost, by great Engineers.
We excel at finding untapped prodigy and giving them the best environment to thrive.
You will have 100% freedom in choosing where, how, and when you’d like to work
and you will have personal 1-on-1 coaching directly from the founders.
Don’t believe us?
We have been 100% bootstrapped and is profitable from day 1 and continue to be through our first year.
== You GET ==
1. Salary from 60k – 130k
2. Untracked vacation and sick leave days.
3. Full Remote even if there’s no COVID
4. True Flexible Work Environment, no IFs or BUTs.
5. SSO, Group Insurance and random perks every now and then : )
Send your CV to [[ ]] today,
1-day interview and you will know the result within the day.

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