Supermicro Server by Throughwave Thailand

Criterion Asia Recruitment – Digital MarTech Manager – IT (Up to 150k THB)


  • Oversees the bond between the IT & business Consumers and Customers
  • Overall ensuring a deep understanding of opportunities and issues facing business functions and advises on the best solutions.
  • Translates business strategies, opportunities, threats and needs into IT product requirements and plays a key role within the Product Group Team to specify, test and deploy those as IT solutions.
  • Ensures that the Product Manager and Business Relationship Manager are supported in the development of the strategy through incremental improvement of the product.
  • Facilitates business scenarios and use cases for the product mix, including product introduction, specification and the change management required to maximize its adoption/value
  • Ensures that near-term needs are assessed by using structured interview processes and consumer research methods to understand opportunities and help business establish priorities.
  • Partners with business and IT to elicit, analyze, translate, and document business requirements, pain points or opportunities into IT requirements
  • Consults with Product Group teams and proposes alternative solutions. Oversees the advisory on options, risks, costs versus benefits, and impact on other business processes and product priorities



  • Bachelor’s degree in business, information systems or related discipline, or equivalent; M.B.A. preferred
  • 5+ years of relevant experience of business analysis in a relevant functional area
  • Extensive project management experience
  • Extensive business experience in a relevant function is beneficial
  • Strong experience working in an Agile/DevOps environment using design thinking methodology
  • Experience with effective communication at different levels in the organization and in English and Thai
  • Experience working in a global environment and with virtual teams

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