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VMware รับสมัคร Technical Account Manager

The TAM Program is critical to the global VMware Professional Services Organization (PSO) which influences the success of each VMware implementation. The PSO team is dedicated to the success of the customer and their virtualization strategy and implementation. The PSO team ensures that VMware customers are successfully implementing their business plans from adoption all the way to a fully functioning virtualized datacenter. The VMware PSO team includes Implementation/Managed Services, Project/Engagement Management, Education Services, Partner Management and Technical Account Management (TAM) Services.

Role Description
Technical Account Managers assess an account’s existing infrastructure and review implementation plans for best practices before making recommendations based on the account’s unique requirements. The TAM also strives to bring together divergent business divisions toward a common objective and helps these groups address business and technical hurdles by providing access to VMware information and experts while serving in a Trusted Advisor capacity to their accounts.

As one of our Technical Account Managers (TAM), you will be responsible for building and maintaining post-sales relationships with VMware’s largest and most complex customers. These customers are typically Fortune 100 accounts adopting VMware virtualization software across their datacentres. You will serve clients to ensure successful implementations and as an account manager to ensure that the customers serve as a positive reference and continue their standardization on VMware technology. Additionally, you will become the customer’s single point of contact into all of VMware. As such, your technical abilities are critical in identifying solutions, troubleshooting issues, and answering technical questions as they arise.

Performance Objectives
• Provide project leadership for the customer’s major VMware initiatives
• Manage cross-functional VMware project teams, which could consist of VMware consultants, engineers, marketing, and support staff
• Design and develop innovative solutions to customer requirements using our Enterprise to desktop products, with assistance from our internal engineering group and consulting architects as required
• Maintain current functional and technical knowledge of the entire VMware product line
• Manage and drive competing requests across simultaneous client engagements
• Provide clear and constructive product feedback to VMware Product Management teams based on customer requirements
• Help to document best practices in developing and deploying VMware solutions
• Function as a front-line technical resource for “best practice” and informal customer questions

• At least 5+ years experience in customer-facing positions as a professional services consultant, preferably with a management consulting organization
• Experience with modern software development methodologies, with emphasis on software and hardware architecture, and infrastructure design and development
• Strong technical background, with previous experience in Linux system administration and/or software development and technical architecture
• Strong analytical skills regarding technical and project management issues
• Strong understanding of strategic sales process
• Strong organizational skills with an ability to manage competing client demands
• Ability to interact and communicate with CxO-level personnel
• Excellent communications and interpersonal skills
• B.S., B.A., or M.S. degree

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