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Kyndryl Hot Jobs: IT Security Manager


  • Lead team to delivery security service to customer as per contract.
  • Developing and enhancing security policies, requirements and processes
  • Providing guidance to the service/platform owner to understand and comply to security requirements and standards e.g.,Patch Management, Security Health Checking Management
  • Act as a primary support contact for security issues
  • Implementing and ensuring compliance of security policies, requirements and processes
  • Tracking, Monitoring and working with platform/system service provider/owners to close deviations and non-compliance issues
  • Summarize and report the security status including present to customer.
  • Enhance the existing reporting and improve the process/procedure to be more efficiency. Or do automation as much as possible.
  • Execute and advise team on IT security Issue and Risk management
  • Support all internal and customer audit
  • Conducting Ongoing Security Process Education and Awareness
  • Background on IDS/IPS/Firewall/OS security.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT or related fields
  • At least 10 years’ experience in IT Security, IT delivery with technical knowledge in various OS, database, middleware and network
  • Knowledge in security governance/ audit
  • Work under pressure environment
  • Good Project management skill
  • Good analytical and troubleshooting skills

Work Location: Bangkok Area

Contact Channel:

– Tel. 02 797 4009.



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