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Sansiri รับสมัคร Data Engineer (GIS)

Sansiri is looking for a Data Engineer to develop the analytics and data pipeline capability to meet organization’s current and future business big data needs. This person will work with stakeholders to develop solutions for GIS-based location application. Moreover, this person will work in data team to gradually turn all employee into a data-driven organization.


  • Perform high-quality, accurate reporting/data analyses for various stakeholders focusing on GIS and location-based application
  • Expertly extract, cleanse, and package data sets from various customer and marketing databases for the purpose of analytical insight
  • Develop a strong understanding of the data source and reporting systems and databases, and associated data relationships
  • Identifying organization’s data silos, & disparate systems
  • Designing data collection, & data integration pipelines
  • Working with technical team on the implementation of data pipelines, & data platform
  • Proactively evaluating the data platform in order to identify & recommend improvements & optimizations

Skills & Qualifications:

  •  Experience with various RDBMSs such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL
  •  Experience in GIS-based application such as google Earth, Arcgis ,QGIS or CartoDB etc
  • Experience in SQL programming at least 3 years
  • Experience with ETL techniques that enable data ingestion, data blending, and data integration
  • Experience with data wrangling/munging using programming languages such as Python, Perl, Shell, and Java, and packaged tools like Information Services, Informatica or Alteryx
  • Good understanding of GIS data and spatial analysis
  • Good knowledge of the concept of Data Lake
  • Experience with the design process of data platform, including hardware & software infrastructure, that responds to business requirements
  • Excellent communication skills to convey messages between technical & non-technical teams
  • Willing to learn and have a passion with data
  • A master degree in any fields with 3 year experience, or a bachelor degree with 5 year experience in the related fields.

Sansiri Public Company Limited

10th Fl. Siripinyo Bldg. 475 Sri Ayutthaya Rd.,
Rajthevi, Bangkok 10400 Thailand.

Website :



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