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Binumi รับสมัคร Production Manager เงินเดือน 35K

Company: Binumi

Short company description: Binumi is a cloud-based video content, creation and management platform built for education and businesses. We’re rapidly growing to support clients such as Encyclopedia Britannica, Integrum and PATA by providing them with powerful video content.

Role: Production Manager


    • Relevant experience: Workplace

        • 4+ years prior experience at BKK production house or marketing group
        • Familiar with a fast-paced environment and leading a team
        • Confident in meeting deadlines and reporting to CEO (base in London)
        • Familiar with G-suite for managing emails, tasks and documents.
      • Excellent command in spoken and written English (Open to foreigner and Thai nationals)
  • Relevant experience: Video

      • Familiar with video production for corporates and creatives
      • Confident in video script creation and editing
      • Comfortable with handling client requirements and video briefs
      • Comfortable with basic camera and lighting set-ups
      • Familiar with video editing and audio capture techniques
    • Able to source voiceover artists or outside teams as necessary to complete a project

Job Description:

The Production Manager role will be based in Bangkok, and will be managing a small production team out of the Bangkok Binumi office. They will report to the London based CEO, as well as work alongside the London based Head of Special Projects. The role will mostly involve coordinating large scale video production projects, handling briefs and creating to a deadline.


9.00 am – 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday

Place of work:

Sukhumvit Soi 1, Bangkok

Contact: (Content Manager)


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