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Apppi Co., Ltd. – Data Scientist


  • Design and develop infrastructure and tooling for client data lake
  • Design and develop microservice that consume data we process from corporate project
  • Architect and develop data models and schemas for our core data using BigQuery and SQL
  • Work across multiple data analyst to brainstorm the data points behind their dashboard and generalize it in form of automated operation back office
  • Produce high quality readable code in an agile setting
  • Collaborate and contribute to a wide variety of new and existing applications
  • Lead your own data science task, learn and sharing knowledge, research and implement new ideas.

Minimum qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience with relational databases and SQL
  • Good understanding on practices and solid experience in building and maintaining data processing pipeline
  • Experience working with large database project
  • Strong knowledge of common algorithms, business report and data structures
  • Experience with data studio and data tools

Preferred qualifications

  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Hands-on experience with GCP managing infrastructure in GCP and data tools in GCP
  • Experience with Go programming language and/or micro-services is a strong plus
  • Understanding the nature of business process, data process, business report and insight


  • Flexible and no minimum working hour – Usually we work from 9am to 6pm but our office opens from 8am to 9pm. Traffic jams or rush hour will not be your worry since you can make your own schedule. With no minimum working hour, you may take a nap, enjoy the relax zone or back hour early to spend time with your family as long as you take responsibility and make sure your task is done. Time is yours.
  • Free meals and good things you don’t want to miss – Food is one of our core benefits, we care what you eat every day. Salad, sandwich and healthy lunch serve for free everyday with a little help from our team. Backyard, book, game and fun activities are available for relaxation.
  • Apppi trip, movie night, party and after work activity – Once a year trip together with the whole company and once a month movie night to build a great team, we treat everyone like family. Party and activity are the events that connect us with friends and partners, everyone will participate and organize it. Apppi Trip 2015 destination is Japan.
  • Do social good project and build product you love – Good products are built by people who truly want to use it themselves. We give an opportunity for our team to connect with partners and do social good project or join our internal startup team to build great apps and excited products with the newest tools and technology.
  • Perks – Good salary, long vacation, health insurance, retirement benefits, consulting, training, tools, gadget swag and more.

Please send us your CV and Portfolio to


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